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AI Guided Interactive Functional Movement Training
Medical-Rehab Application: Movement Therapy
Health Promotion Application: Body Repair Functional Movement Training
Origin of SMARC (Synchronized Monitoring Analysis Recording Cloud)

SMARC is a series of medical-grade therapeutic functional movement training equipment that covers all parts of the body including the upper body, (chest,shoulder-scapulae and arm), core (abdomen, back, buttocks, hip, and pelvic floor) and lower limbs (thigh, leg, ankle, and feet). SMARC was inspired and developed based on the integration of medical rehab theories, clinical trials of physiotherapy, and sports science by an international team from Japan, Spain, USA and Taiwan since early 2010. SMARC specializes in enhancing body self-healing bio-mechanism system to repair different body functions and functional movement performance for rehab patients, sub-healthy adults, and seniors.

Design Philosophy

SMARC is practically applied as an extension of one-on-one manual physiotherapy in a clinical setting. Based on the combination of clinical medical evidence and scientific data, SMARC offers personal functional movement evaluation and precise AI movement training prescription for various degenerated user groups to relieve symptoms of pain and soreness, enhance body's self-healing  bio-mechanism system, repair body functions, and recondition health status.

SMARC Cloud-Based Health Management System Platform

PMHC established a Cloud-Based Health Management System platform after investing in years of big data collection and analyses from international and domestic medical rehab studies and clinical trials. SMARC AI (artificial intelligence) system provides personal functional movement evaluation and automatically generates precise AI exercise prescriptions based on the result of the evaluation. It only takes 8 minutes to complete the evaluation, through real-time cloud computation and big-data analyses, it identifies the issues of quality of motion to indicate weekness and insufficiency of different functional movements and body functions. Through routine AI-prescribed exercise and regular evaluation, SMARC functional movement training effectively improves exercise capability, corrects static and dynamic posture, relieves tension and soreness, and regains vitality, mobility, independence and health.

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Functional Fitness Evaluation

eNOTE AI Evaluation Report


Exercise Summary

Motor Re-Learning Concept – Repeat the correct movement constantly

Performing the correct functional movement training under all the personal parameters settings including ergonomics, range of movement, functional strength and endurance, and velocity of movement ensures users to re-establish a good movement pattern and regain the capability of movement control. Furthermore, personal AI prescribed exercise relieves muscle soreness, improves poor posture, and minimizes compensatory movement and movement disorders that are caused by the inefficiency of neuromuscular control and imbalance.

AI Personal Exercise Prescription

SMARC AI is an Expert System. Through real-time two-way wifi data transmission to cloud computation and big data analysis, the SMARC AI system receives the result of evaluation and then converts it to AI exercise prescription. According to each individual ability and health status, a SMARC AI exercise prescription is automatically generated to offer the exact difficulty of exercise parameter setting and frequency to meet the safety and efficiency requirements of personalized exercise.

AI Guided Synchronized Interactive Movement Feedback System

According to the result of the AI evaluation, the AI cloud-based health management system generates the personal exercise prescription to each of the SMARC monitor, the screen displayed customized functional movement parameter settings for each individual user such as the range of movement, velocity of the movement, training time and resistance level, and sensory feedback such as visual and auditory feedback. It also shows the performance score in real-time for each movement, which allows users to rectify the movement by themselves every single movement to achieve better coordination and control of the quality of motion in the training.

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Personal Exercise Prescription

Screen Feedback System

SMARC Cloud-Based Health Management System
  • Functional movement evaluation and data analysis

  • Personal exercise prescription

  • Quality of motion analysis

  • Exercise performance report

  • Long-term tracking performance report

Who needs SMARC
  • Weak/Degenerated/Aging population (Rehab patients、Sub-healthy adults and Seniors)

  • Shoulder &Upper back stiffness and soreness

  • Frozen shoulder、Unstable shoulder

  • Hunchback, Round shoulder, Chest tightness

  • Poor posture、Muscle fatigue

  • Abdomen and lower back tightness and soreness

  • Stroke、Brain injury

  • Parkinson Disease

  • Cancer patients (lymphedema management and cancer fatigue) 

  • Joint degeneration、Post joint replacement surgery rehab

  • Frequent urination、Urinary leakage、Nocturia

  • Circulation problems、Edema of upper/lower extremity

  • Osteoporosis

  • Allergies、Weak immune system

  • Cold hand and feet、Poor circulation

  • Easily fatigued、Poor sleep quality

  • Autonomic nervous system disorder

  • Poor balance、Coordination disorder

  • Sarcopenia

  • Metabolic syndrome

  • Frequent urination, leakage of urine, nocturia

Company Profile

Established in 2010, PMHC Co., Ltd. (Preventive Medical Health Care Co., Ltd.) is one of the best professional companies to develop and manufacture medical rehabilitation movement therapy equipment. In alliance with leading companies in Asia and Europe, PMHC positions itself as an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) providing a variety of supportive service related to design, manufacture, and after-sales service. 

Working together with public praised medical facilities, PMHC is able to continuously acquire first-hand feedback and upgrade its products based on the user’s needs. The R&D department in PMHC also uses the information as the references of developing new products. With the valuable asset from medical field, PMHC has successfully transformed itself into an OBM (Own Branding & Manufacturing) in 2013 and launched SMARC series products.

Year 2013 has been an important milestone for PMHC. With its own brand, SMARC, and distribution channel development, PMHC is poised to impact the medical rehabilitation market around the world. PMHC further entered preventive medical and anti-aging body repair exercise market by establishing a "a cloud-based big data health management system". We continuously work closely with medical doctors, physical therapists and exercise advisers for big data collection to create new therapeutic service oriented exercise business models.  SMARC makes their job more effectively and more efficiently by making all kinds of functional movement training with systematic procedure, functional movement pattern and with AI personalized exercise prescription as the standard operation procedure. As a pioneer in "Movement Therapy" and "Anti-Aging Body Repair functional movement training", we welcome everyone who shares the same vision to join us and start a mutual beneficial relationship.

Introduction & Mission Statement

    Our vision is being dedicated to helping users to recondition their health status. In the meantime, we want our users to be treated/trained with dignity on SMARC equipment with safety features and precise performance measurement. By quantifying treatment outcome with synchronized feedback system, SMARC equipment are the best therapeutic tools for medical professionals to achieve therapeutic/training goals with effectiveness and efficiency.

    According to the research journals done by various medical centers in Japan, Taiwan, USA and Europe over the past decade, PMHC SMARC AI guided interactive equipment and AI cloud health management system are proved to be beneficial to the following user groups:

(1)  Sub-healthy adults

      To relief various syndromes and enhance physical condition to prevent from injury for sub-healthy adults

(2)  Geriatric group

      To Repair body self-healing ability and function, to recondition and improve functional fitness, such as balance,     

      flexibility and coordination as well as recognition, resulting in reducing fall risk for senior citizens

(3)  Rehab. patients

       - Neurologic disorders: To restore ADL (Activity of Daily Living) performance & independency with dignity for         

          neurological disorder patients

       - Orthopedic issues: To recondition body movement and recover ADL (Activity of Daily Living), functional fitness and

          sports performance through reciprocal functional movement training. 

​       - Cancer patients/Osteoporosis management/Diabetes management 

(4)  Healthy adult

      To enhance functional & fitness capacity & achieve optimal harmony between mental & physical condition


SMARC Related Research
  • The theoretical basis of this product is explained in the book of Professor Kobayashi (Healthy Life Cognitive Action QOM) of the University of Tokyo, Japan, which can improve functional physical fitness and has been popularized and applied. Used in Japanese senior training center.

  • Research by Sendai University in Japan has confirmed that the use of SMARC functional movement training equipment can effectively promote the emotional control and cognitive movement learning functions of children with intellectual disabilities.

  • Research by the University of Zaragoza Medical Center has confirmed that the use of SMARC functional movement training equipment can effectively reduce soreness, increase the range of motion of upper and lower extremity joints, and improve functional movement ability and quality of life for people over 55 years old.

  • Chung Shan Medical University published a paper in an international seminar confirming that SMARC functional movement training equipment has a significant effect on promoting balance.

  • The self-healing holistic classroom set up by the Affiliated Hospital of Chung Shan Medical University which utilizes CS101-CS108 aims at orthopedics, oncology patients, and seniors to use. It implements health promotion courses and exercises guidance, which can help alleviate complications and recurrence rates and maintain the quality of treatment.

  • Ph.D./Director of Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California stated that SMARC CS108 can effectively replace traditional treadmills, elliptical machines, and recumbent bike

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